About Us

About Spacelized

A New York City based woman-owned and -operated business, we establish custom systems and optimize your space to fit your specific style and needs.

As an eco-conscious company we strive to use sustainable solutions whenever possible. We work with several charitable organizations and find creative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

No matter how big or small the project, we will work one-on-one with you to help you maximize your space and make it more functional, efficient, and enjoyable.

Efrat Zalishnick, Founder & Chief Spacealist

I grew up having two parents who were hoarders. My mother kept almost every magazine, news clipping, paper scrap, and bill; as well as sentimental tchotchkes, unused housewares, old clothing and more. She would purchase gifts for friends and family members when she would see something nice and unfortunately many of the items got buried in clutter and never made it to their intended recipient.

My father on the other hand would collect miscellaneous hardware, computer accessories, small appliances, old cell phones, cords, and other “useful” items. When his mother (my grandmother) passed away he gathered most of her belongings and brought them to his home (where they still remain to this day).

It’s no surprise then that I developed similar habits. Despite appearing as an organized and efficient person, I had trouble letting go. I followed in my parent’s footsteps; collecting magazines, bills, old datebooks, computer accessories, even food. It’s not so much that I purchased a lot of items, I just didn’t get rid of anything that wasn’t absolute trash. If something got broken or torn, I would convince myself that I would fix it; I would think of creative ways to repurpose things, certain that items I no longer (or even never) utilized were still worthwhile to keep for a future purpose.

In spite of all that (or maybe as a result of it) I strived to have my possessions neat and organized. I would devise clever ways to fit everything in my space; creating floorplans and sketches to take advantage of every availble inch. I would be researching furniture and containers, outlining organizational systems, and studying organizing books exhaustively.

My belongings grew and grew increasing with each passing year and every apartment move. At some point I realized that while I was great at organizing – I just had too much stuff – I had become a hoarder like my parents.

While many people think of organizing and decluttering interchangeably, they are actually not synonymous; decluttering entails getting rid of items (typically ones you don’t want or need); while organizing means putting things into sensible order or system. It is possible to declutter and not organize or organize without decluttering though the two often go hand in hand. There are those who have no trouble dispensing with their belongings though they may not be skilled at arranging what remains in a way that will work best; Others may be capable of organizing yet have trouble letting things go.

As someone who has become adept at both decluttering and organizing, I am able to generate the space we all need and crave.

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