Our Services

We will help you sort and pare down your belongings.

From rearranging existing furniture to planning new closets and shelving units; we will design a plan to ensure optimal use of your space.

In keeping with your organizational style and needs we will deploy custom-tailored solutions that are functional and easy to use.

We can help you maximize and organize your space, install organizational systems, and arrange your belongings before you move, so that you can start enjoying your new home right away.

We will consolidate and organize your images, arrange for scanning, and create archival quality albums or digitally printed photo books.

When life gets too busy, we can come in to tidy up existing systems and tweak them as needed.

All services include our assistance in facilitating installation of systems, purchasing items, and finding new homes for your donated items.

Any purchases of products, furnishings, and third-party services that incur additional charges will be reviewed in advance

Services available 10am–6pm, Monday through Friday

Phone: [ 212-926-9659 ]

Email: [ info@spacelized.com ]

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